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Sophistication has come to mean a few things, but its original definition was “to denature, or simplify”. We took the familiar form of a traditional lantern and reimagined, simplified then enhanced it with OLED technology to form a bright and elegant feature for the modern interior. 

The OLED is a flat rectangular panel of light situated in the center of each lantern. OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is an organic material-based surface light source. 

Among all high-efficiency/eco-friendly lighting sources, OLEDs have the closest spectral power distribution to natural light. This creates emotional comfort and is ideal for places where natural light is unavailable or for places where quality light is needed. Tip!  These lights are dimmable and are easy to replace. You can switch them on/off from a socket or you can connect them to a dimmer switch with the assistance of an electrician. 

Available Finishes: Artichoke, Dove, Earthly Beige, Green Grey, Grey, Magenta Grey, Moon Grey, Pebble White, Ragged Black, Sand, Silver, Sunny Beige, Tokyo

▼Technical Information

Roll specifications: Width: 24.8″/49.6″ – Please refer to the Layout Diagram*  Height: 118.1″ Material: non-woven vinyl-coated with matte finish LEDs: No 

OLEDs: Yes Crystals: No  Technical specifications: Power supply: In line LED Driver. Must be installed by an electrician. Cable length: 118.1″Cable colour: white.


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