Concreto Outdoor Bench


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Designed by F. Rota

Large bench.The Concreto series also includes a dining table.Bases: nuanced concrete, Lias or Clastos, fastened by a structure in gloss-varnished stainless AISI 316, adjustable plastic spacers.Seat: composed of five nuanced concrete, Lias or Clastos elements positioned onto the base, aligned and hold firm by steel elements existing onto the structure.Notes:Seats composed by elements in nuanced concrete and Lias come all in the same colours, the ones in Clastos come in elements with different designs and colours.Concrete, Lias and Clastos are outdoor surfaces that are produced with a mix of limestone and clay.

This product has a delivery estimate of 18-20 weeks.

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B199PW 124″ x D 43″ x H 15″


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