Bitta Club Armchair


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Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni

Kettal Bitta is characterised by a combination of aluminium frames, seats of braided polyester and comfortable cushions, teak and stone for the table tops‚all completely weatherproof materials. My aim was to create dense braiding that would still let the air through, reminiscent of the braiding of the ropes used to moor boats (hence the name Bitta, which means ‚Äėmooring‚Äô in Italian), which makes the pieces look lightweight but, at the same time, they look just like cosy nests in natural colours to sit back and relax in. Includes Seat Cushion, 1 large back cushions, and 1 small back cushions.

Frame 1 Finish: Feldspar, Curcum, Alpine Glow, Terracota, Magma, Terra Rossa, Sepia, Cobalt, Oasis, Bronce, Indigo, Gypsum, Kaolin, Bone, Chalk, Manganese, London Clay, Flint, Carbon, Peeble

Frame 2 Finish: 410 Marengo Rope, 420 Light Grey Rope, 430 Kaki Rope, 440 Black Rope, 450 Brown Rope

Fabric Finish: 285 Dry Sand Laminate, 286 Deer Laminate, 287 Wetsand Laminate, 288 Cedar Laminate,  289 Fog Laminate, 291 Porous Grey Laminate, 292 Limestone Laminate, 293 Charcoal Laminate, 294 Ashrose Laminate, 296 Moss Laminate, 291 White Cliffs Laminate

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W 39.3″ x D 39.3″ x H 31.8″Seat H 16.9″


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