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Designed by Lee Broom

Altar is an exploration into the angular forms of Midcentury churches and altars, which often looked to warmer natural materials for fonts and pews. Altar’s elegant, fluted form is carved from solid oak and completed with an illuminated tube seamlessly nestled in its architectural grooves. The light is available as a surface mounted wall light, or as a pendant in three sizes.

This product has a delivery estimate of 10-12 weeks.

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Altar Wall LightW 3.7″ x H 27.2″

Altar 4 Light ShortW 3.7″ x D 3.7″ x H 27.2″

Altar 4 Light TallW 3.7″ x D 3.7″ x H 44.9″

Altar 8 Light TallW 4.8″ x D 4.8″ x H 44.9″


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