Acco Dining Table


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Design by Florian Schmid

An accordion for each leg.

Acco is an elegant dining table with a strong character that resists labeling. It displays a mature, sophisticated language, which is developed through the design of the base frame with its distinct regular pattern of wooden lines.

Top finishes: wood, ceramic, glass

Wood Base: Flamed Oak, Canaletto Walnut, Ash, Black Ash.

This product has a delivery estimate of 12-14 weeks

Starting at $3,430

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78.7″ x 47.2″ x H 29.5″94.4″ x 47.2″ x H 29.5″102.3″ x 47.2″ x H 29.5″

Ø 55.1″ x 29.5″Ø 61″ x 29.5″


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